San Angelo Gun Club
2827 Winger Rd. (Off RM 853)
San Angelo, TX 76901


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 Next  Monthly Club Business Meeting
25 January 2022
Suez Shriner's Hall
at 7:00 pm

Hey Folks! The local South West Boy Scout Council is searching for NRA-certified Range Safety Officers and Firearms Instructors to help and supervise for their Winter Camp. They are willing to feed and house any qualified volunteers! Please contact Devin Koehler ( 325-655-7107 or Andrew Brooks ( for more information!! This is how we help grow the next generation of shooting enthusiasts! Thanks!!!


Click below to complete this form and we WILL be in Touch. Would you like to Help Improve SAFETY at YOUR Club by volunteering a couple of hours now & then? We are seeking members who will tour the range for 2 hour shifts to assist other members, correct safety deficiencies, answer questions and help clean up!



Firing East or West -
Pistol Calibers Only 
NO Rifle Calibers

All Shooting on Range  
30 minutes after Sunset until 
30 minutes before Sunrise
Bays 6, 7, 8 & 9 or Rifle Ranges A, B & C

Bays 6-9 have lights available!!


View the Range Map
Updated 7/22/2021
Range Map 



Gate Opening Recommendations: 
HOLD (do not swipe) your keycard touching the
Keypad for 10 seconds or until gate moves. If it doesn't move, w
ait at least one minute before trying to scan your keycard again.

DO NOT keep rapid scanning, as this will cause delays!

You should succeed if your membership is current. 
If after trying several times to enter or exit-call the 
 Membership Officer, President, V.P. or Secretary for Assistance

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