San Angelo Gun Club
8055 Arden Rd (Hwy 853)
San Angelo, TX 76901

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
I took the Online Orientation - when can I pick up my membership card and keycard?

If you followed the instructions on the Orientation and emailed the treasurer with answers you were to write down on the Orientation video, your membership card and keycards / access tags will be mailed to you within a couple of days.

I took the Online Orientation & paid for it, where is the Orientation Video?

As stated under "Membership", you must click "Return to Merchant" after paying at PayPal.  If you don't do that you will NOT be sent to the video.  Please send an email to: explaining what happened and you will receive a link to the video.

Can I pay a daily or hourly fee to use the Range?

No, We are a member owned club and you must be a member or guest of a current member to use the ranges of the club.

How do I join the San Angelo Gun Club?

Attend an Orientation; click here for details.

Does each spouse have to be members to use the Club ranges?

No, Memberships are treated as Family memberships.  If a spouse or other family member living in that household under 22 years of age desires to use the facility on their own, they MUST attend an Orientation just like the primary member.  More information is at the "Membership" heading.

Where is the Range located?

At 8055 Arden Road (Hwy. 853), approximately 3 miles from the Hwy. 2288 intersection.  Click here for a map.

Do I have to come to the Range for Orientation?

No, there is a new option available (and we encourage it) that will allow you to apply for membership on a computer; and pay on line using PayPal (doesn't require a payPal account).  You will then be directed to an Orientation video which will be viewed on line as well.  Upon successful completion, you will be mailed your membership card and gate key.

What are the hours of operation?

We are normally open 24 hrs per day / 7 days per week

Are the ranges lighted at night?

Range 7 in the Action Area has a timer near the meter that you can set up to 60 minutes for use in that bay.  You are welcome to use your vehicle headlights or other lights you may set up to light a target.

Is the Range ever closed?

If the roads are too muddy for vehicles, the gate may be locked; but you can walk in to shoot. There is a possibility that portions of the Range may be closed for major events.