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August 2011 IR 50/50 Results - August 31, 2011

50/50 Results
San Angelo Gun Club
August 27, 2011

It was a good day for 22 benchrest.  The winds were light and the temperature was bearable.

Bill had luck on his side.  He took first in all matches even though it was a tie with Neal Cannon in the third match being broken with X’s.  Neal was second in the first match and third in the second behind J. D. and second in the third match.  That rifle he bought from Larry Adams is shooting good and so is Neal.

Shooting Fun Fire were Ron Herring and Tom Myers.  After 75 rounds Tom edged out Ron by one point (698 to 697).  Ron Herring won the first and the third match while Tom Myers won the second.


The results for club shooter of the year are in for the year of 2011.  That is the best four results from five months (April, May, June, July, and August).

Bill Wynne took top honors with the top score of 2908 with 120 X’s.
Steve Keim was second with a score of 2857 with 107 X’s.
Jack Kemp was third with a score of 2853 with 73 X’s

See you at the September match.  Fourth Saturday in September.  September 24, 2011.

More Details:
August 2011 IR 50/50 Results 11.8.27 50_50.pdf

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