San Angelo Gun Club
8055 Arden Rd (Hwy 853)
San Angelo, TX 76901

USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association

At San Angelo Gun Club, our matches usually consist of 5 Pistol

Stages with 1 stage always being a USPSA Classifier.

The Pistol Stages begin at 1pm on the 4th Sunday of each month.

These stages will require 150 to 200 rounds of ammo & it is Mandatory

that each competitor have a holster and magazines on a belt.

We sometimes have side stages with Rifle & Shotgun beginning at 10:30 am.

Cost is $15 for Pistol & $5 extra for Rifle & Shotgun.

Questions or more info contact Kirby Dahl at 210-319-9318 or

Roy Jackson at 325-656-7035